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Once I Was Loved By You
© 2014 Nelson Wright

They say there ain’t no hiding place, my past is billed and bound,
But if there’s one redeeming grace, my claim to higher ground,
You’re my dispensation, you’re my starry crown,
Once I was loved by you.

My passions may have slipped away, from every common sense,
And maybe it was left to luck, to cheat all consequence,
In the final balance, I need but one defense,
Once I was loved by you.

Off in the west the moon’s hanging low, the eastern sky’s exploding,
Light’s slipping down on you and me, the starry night is folding,
There’s a thousand ships at sea tonight, they all know where they’re going,
Me, I’d be adrift without the love your heart is holding.

I know that I was restless once, not satisfied by half,
Looking for an open heart, through the clutter and the chaff,
When my time is over, the truth’s my epitaph,
Once I was loved by you.

Once I was loved by you.