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Orphans & Relics

"Nelson Wright is a singer-songwriter of the first order. The album features superbly crafted songs with catchy tunes and intelligent lyrics. Every song tells an engaging story with great emotional depth. There is not a weak track on the CD...," Johanna J. Bodde, Insurgent Country (

"An absolutely stunning video to go with a stunning song! 'Miller's Wheel' grabs at the heart of folk Americana, deftly weaving iconic images in and out of a bittersweet love song. Nelson Wright nails it again with his ability to see metaphors inside things others cannot and brings it all together melodically, visually and lyric-wise. The song moved me to tears..." Deb Seymour, Singer/Songwriter

“A true Americana album by an outstanding singer and songwriter who tells his fascinating stories to catchy melodies.” Country Jukebox (

“…the man shows himself again a master at translating lively stories into catchy tunes.” Ctrl.Alt.Country Ezine (

“Simplicity, quality, great songs and wonderful playing..." Greg Johnson, Maverick Magazine

“Like listening to a plate of T Bone Burnett.” AltCountry (

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Still Burning

"Nelson Wright and his album Still perfect for a late evening with a good glass of wine...Time to Choose is a great example of the power of his music. Lovely electric guitar at the back, uncomplicated, bluesy folk-rock that really does it for me. But also more acoustic songs like Unfinished Business show a passionate singer and songwriter. A very nice album indeed." FolkWorld #50 (

“His lyrics…offer consistently well-crafted tales that have the touch of a lived life. I like the way Nelson’s imagery moves…the images have the precision and grace to evoke emotions rather than stipulate them. Nelson has delivered a polished collection of believable tales about love, lost and found.” Hank Davis, Victory Review (

“Nelson Wright displays a unique ability to spin tales in song…simple truths are delivered in a mix of arrangements simple and complex, but full of the simple beauty of pure heart. 4/5 stars.” Wildy Haskell (

“Wright’s music is a blend of rock, folk and Americana…His songs take you back to the days when songwriting…mattered. This is a great album from start to finish. If you try one new artist this year, make it Nelson Wright. 10/10.” Andrea Guy, Mossip (

“This is great storytelling” (Five Feet Under)…”The lyrics are great” (No Second Chances)…”A classic” (Red Wing). J.W. McClure, Victory Review (

"'s poetic, it's melodic, it's timeless." Jean-Jacques Corrio, Le Cri du Coyote #133

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