1. Time To Choose
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Time to Choose
© 2011 Nelson Wright

I seen you walking in the chilly wind,
Watching the storm clouds rolling in,
Moving in and out of the shadows they was making.

I was watching when you turned around,
I was watching when the rain came down,
Wondered what kind of shelter you’d be taking.

Maybe this storm will clear the air,
Or mark the end to this affair,
You say we got too much to lose,
Baby, it’s time to choose.

You told me that your love would find a way,
That we were looking at a better day.
You said if there’s a price to pay, that you would pay it.

Maybe I took too long to realize,
Sometimes a bitter truth is told with lies.
If you got something more to say, why don’t you say it?

There was a time I thought I knew you well,
But what you’re going to do now I can’t tell,
I’m calling in my IOUs,
Baby, it’s time to choose.

Ain’t nothing that won’t fade away,
At least that’s what the poets say.
Still there’ll be a price to pay,
When they play the tunes you call.

How long this rain will last it’s hard to tell,
Like a lover’s kiss or long farewell.
As the sky turns just another shade of gray,

I’m seeing things in black and white,
Waiting for you one more night,
Listening to the thunder’s long decay.

You tell me that I move too fast,
You say you want the love to last,
Baby, I’m here to break the news,
It’s time to choose.